Saturday, April 5, 2008

MY CAR!!!!

I GOT MY CAR!!!!! Im very excited can ya tell???? So mom and dad took me to pick it up this morning. It gives me such a sense of freedom... lol. Of course my first day driving it and some dude starts honking his horn from four lanes over and sits there waving trying to get my attention. I rolled my eyes and shook my head trying to pay attention to traffic. Well this dude zooms over across four lanes cutting heaven knows how many people off and starts trying to talk to me thru my car window! (my window was down bc the ac still has to be fixed.) Im like go away and trying to speed up away then slow down to get away. Well he keeps trying to keep speed with me! Im like omg dude get a clue and go away!! Well finally he almost hit a car that he was coming up to fast on and almost hit it trying to slow down in time. (it was going like 40 in a 65 what the heck?) So I got away. I was like first day and I already am being hounded by idiot males?? Then they wonder why if I divorce I dont want to date again?? Lol but other than that it was great! I felt free and part of the world! As the song goes... "all you independent women, throw your hands up at me..." :D NOW just MAYBE I can find a way to go visit family??? I HOPE I do. It would be awesome!! ROAD TRIP!! Anyway, so dad says he is going to buy me bubba teeth to wear when im driving lol. Im not thinking that would be cool lol. I can just see someone getting into a wreck from shock of my big bubba teeth lol. OH that would be funny though!! Anyway hope that made you laugh as much as I still am lol. have a nice day!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bryans Big Dog Crisis

So most of you know Bryan LOVES dogs. Well he has found he doesnt like big dogs in person. My babysitter took him to her moms and he freaked over her moms poodle. Which is weird bc he used to like her. Anyway, she sat down with him, tried to comfort him and help him to see the dog wouldnt hurt him. Bryan went up on his own and started petting her while crying saying no no no. I can just see him. lol Well she also just moved into a new apartment where apparently everyone loves big dogs. He wouldnt stop pointing at the door saying dog. When he would go near the door he would say no and freak out. When she leaves the apartment he goes one step at a time look around then continue to the next. When he got in the car with me to go home I asked him how his day went and he goes "mom NO dog!" Poor baby lol. He wouldnt stop going on and on about the dog either. He is like me and scared of everything. Drives me insane sometimes. But anyway I wanted to share Bryans horror story for the day. Write ya laterz

My Baby Girl :)

So my baby girl was sitting here in my lap as I was checking my emails and blog. Well when I went to read my posts the music came on playing that Guardian Angel song. She has been very fussy and not feeling good at all. As soon as the music started playing she stops crying and starts listening very intently. When it stopped playing she got upset so I restarted it. She stoped crying and listened until she fell asleep. :) She is now passed out in my lap. Just like her mommy. :D Loves her music. She is also trying to start the baby babble. It has me so excited. Well until she starts talking back. Then I will wish she was still babbling lol. I was talking to her and told her I loved her and missed her (I had been at work ALL day). She starts smiling all big and starts talking back to me all cute. It made me happy. I know some people think that she was bad timing and that things will only be harder now but she came right on time. I wouldnt take it back for the world. I am so happy with my baby girl. Now I just need to get my little angel and I will be complete. I never want to know what it would have been like if I had never had them. So anyway I wanted to tell about my baby girl talking and loving one of my fav songs. Have a good day, night or whatever it is when you read this lol.

Stupid Hollywood

So I have decided to write about my experience today because I had to laugh at myself. I was watching that movie King of Kings. Ya know the OLD one. Well anyway, as I have been watching it I was getting annoyed that there were parts that I knew were wrong. (I have been watching it here at work over a course of a few days.) Well today I brought my scriptures with me to work because Doug had asked me to write him some scriptures since he had not been able to get a hold of any, where he is at yet. So anyway, as it got to the part where Pilate was talking to Christ, the whole thing was just so wrong. I was like I don’t remember this stuff. So I paused the movie and grabbed my scriptures. I started flipping thru them trying to find the account of that whole thing. Well I then discovered I had to read more than one book of it because it’s like a puzzle when it comes to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. So then as I am watching it I keep pausing and reading what the actual true account of it. Some things I remembered on my own because I have ALWAYS loved reading about when Christ was on earth and what he said, did, and went thru. In fact I used to read those scriptures every night because they interested me more and I couldn’t quite get into the Book of Mormon yet. Anyway, so I sat here forever flipping back and forth and comparing. I was like dangit why cant they just do it the way it really happened?!?! So then it dawns on me after the movie THAT’S THE POINT! To make you interested enough to go read the actual thing. I still don’t see why they can’t follow the stories better than they do, but hey it got me to read a heck of a lot. Anyway, so it worked on me. Stupid Hollywood…

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My First

So I have never really been into blogs but everyone in my family has one. So my mom said I should set one up. I feel like if I set up a blog then that means I have to tell people how I feel and whats happening to me. Which I havent been to good at lately. So I thought maybe this would help out. Much easier than emailing everyone anyway lol. I promise I wont be depressing or whatever. I will save that for the emails or phone conversations with those I want to know. I also figure its a good way to show everyone my babies pics and stuff without having to wait for the email to upload FOREVER. So anyway here I am. I am giving it a try. Lets see how it goes.
Sarah Jane