Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bryans Big Dog Crisis

So most of you know Bryan LOVES dogs. Well he has found he doesnt like big dogs in person. My babysitter took him to her moms and he freaked over her moms poodle. Which is weird bc he used to like her. Anyway, she sat down with him, tried to comfort him and help him to see the dog wouldnt hurt him. Bryan went up on his own and started petting her while crying saying no no no. I can just see him. lol Well she also just moved into a new apartment where apparently everyone loves big dogs. He wouldnt stop pointing at the door saying dog. When he would go near the door he would say no and freak out. When she leaves the apartment he goes one step at a time look around then continue to the next. When he got in the car with me to go home I asked him how his day went and he goes "mom NO dog!" Poor baby lol. He wouldnt stop going on and on about the dog either. He is like me and scared of everything. Drives me insane sometimes. But anyway I wanted to share Bryans horror story for the day. Write ya laterz

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Marian & Edward said...

Poor kid, lol! What a cutie. If you come to visit, you're bringing those guys with you, right? :) Love ya!