Saturday, April 5, 2008

MY CAR!!!!

I GOT MY CAR!!!!! Im very excited can ya tell???? So mom and dad took me to pick it up this morning. It gives me such a sense of freedom... lol. Of course my first day driving it and some dude starts honking his horn from four lanes over and sits there waving trying to get my attention. I rolled my eyes and shook my head trying to pay attention to traffic. Well this dude zooms over across four lanes cutting heaven knows how many people off and starts trying to talk to me thru my car window! (my window was down bc the ac still has to be fixed.) Im like go away and trying to speed up away then slow down to get away. Well he keeps trying to keep speed with me! Im like omg dude get a clue and go away!! Well finally he almost hit a car that he was coming up to fast on and almost hit it trying to slow down in time. (it was going like 40 in a 65 what the heck?) So I got away. I was like first day and I already am being hounded by idiot males?? Then they wonder why if I divorce I dont want to date again?? Lol but other than that it was great! I felt free and part of the world! As the song goes... "all you independent women, throw your hands up at me..." :D NOW just MAYBE I can find a way to go visit family??? I HOPE I do. It would be awesome!! ROAD TRIP!! Anyway, so dad says he is going to buy me bubba teeth to wear when im driving lol. Im not thinking that would be cool lol. I can just see someone getting into a wreck from shock of my big bubba teeth lol. OH that would be funny though!! Anyway hope that made you laugh as much as I still am lol. have a nice day!!


Hummer said...

I don't know, the bubba teeth seem like a good idea....just remember don't smile til they are in place.....; ) Remember my grandchildren are at your mercy in that cool car....(looking stern)
: )

texasblu said...

Kudos to the car - I know you're excited.

Weird Houston drivers. *rolls eyes*

love the pics of ya'll.... I so wanted to see the bluebonnets this yr. *sniff*

texasblu said...

I'll get pics to you. Give me a little time - I'm in a crunch right now thru Sat....

Little Miss Sunshine said...

I thought you said those pics didn't turn out. I thought they we're great :P
And I think the Bubba teeth are a funny solution maybe you could get a bumper sticker that says "Don't Bother, You don't stand a chance"