Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My First

So I have never really been into blogs but everyone in my family has one. So my mom said I should set one up. I feel like if I set up a blog then that means I have to tell people how I feel and whats happening to me. Which I havent been to good at lately. So I thought maybe this would help out. Much easier than emailing everyone anyway lol. I promise I wont be depressing or whatever. I will save that for the emails or phone conversations with those I want to know. I also figure its a good way to show everyone my babies pics and stuff without having to wait for the email to upload FOREVER. So anyway here I am. I am giving it a try. Lets see how it goes.
Sarah Jane


Little Miss Sunshine said...

COOL! I'll have to get you tell me how you did the music thing so I can get music on my blog too!
hugz, LMSS

texasblu said...

Nice to see you enter the fold. ;)

Marian & Edward said...

Hooray! I'm glad you figured it out. . . :) Love you!

mE said...

I can't get the chipmucks to work:(