Thursday, April 3, 2008

Stupid Hollywood

So I have decided to write about my experience today because I had to laugh at myself. I was watching that movie King of Kings. Ya know the OLD one. Well anyway, as I have been watching it I was getting annoyed that there were parts that I knew were wrong. (I have been watching it here at work over a course of a few days.) Well today I brought my scriptures with me to work because Doug had asked me to write him some scriptures since he had not been able to get a hold of any, where he is at yet. So anyway, as it got to the part where Pilate was talking to Christ, the whole thing was just so wrong. I was like I don’t remember this stuff. So I paused the movie and grabbed my scriptures. I started flipping thru them trying to find the account of that whole thing. Well I then discovered I had to read more than one book of it because it’s like a puzzle when it comes to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. So then as I am watching it I keep pausing and reading what the actual true account of it. Some things I remembered on my own because I have ALWAYS loved reading about when Christ was on earth and what he said, did, and went thru. In fact I used to read those scriptures every night because they interested me more and I couldn’t quite get into the Book of Mormon yet. Anyway, so I sat here forever flipping back and forth and comparing. I was like dangit why cant they just do it the way it really happened?!?! So then it dawns on me after the movie THAT’S THE POINT! To make you interested enough to go read the actual thing. I still don’t see why they can’t follow the stories better than they do, but hey it got me to read a heck of a lot. Anyway, so it worked on me. Stupid Hollywood…

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Hummer said...

You're really catching on.
Proud of you...I so relate to the fliping back and forth that's how we ran out of gas in Wyoming trying to piece the stories of Kings, Chronicles and Samuel together...Tricky huh.
Love you MOMe